Running wind drip can be wrapped

2021-07-02 08:38

Many new radiators in the first year have a chronic drip condition, which is a minor problem, but also makes the residents worry. In this regard, the reporter consulted the heating experts, Jinan Thermal Power staff informed in detail the solution.

Residential Building 7 Station Street Station District residents call a "people warm hotline," said his new radiator has been ticking leaking. Although unpleasant water droplets, but still let him very worried, do not know what to do.

According to the above description of residents, Jinan thermoelectric staff said that the place should not drip exhaust valve, but the radiator running wind live knot. The new radiators may drip because the knot is not tightened, usually tighten with a wrench. However, if there is leakage, there may be a slight loosening of the knot, so that the knot may be wrapped around the knot to prevent the knot from dripping.

The new radiator drip users can turn the radiator back to the water supply valve, and then open the running wind on the radiator live knot, and then the prepared raw material tape wrapped tightly on the living knot, and then live knot on the radiator Do not drip.

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