Raw material with the use of methods

2021-06-29 15:25

1) For hydraulic pipe, thin oil lubrication pipe, pneumatic control and other occasions, in principle, can not use the raw material sealing, the main fear of improper use of raw material into the pipe leading to the valve block, causing an accident.

2) raw material to be wound along the thread direction, the direction can not be reversed.

3) When wrapping the raw material tape, starting with the second tooth of the thread head, leave the first tooth unwound, mainly to avoid the raw material tape entering the pipe.

4) When winding to be slightly harder to maintain the raw tape is not pulled off the case, there is a certain elongation, so wrapped around the raw material was only close and reliable, can not leak.

5) The number of layers to be wound is determined according to the degree of tightness of the thread. When the thread is wound, the thickness should be tapered, that is, the front of the thread can be slightly thinner and the thicker the rear, the more tight the thread, the better the sealing effect.

6) After the raw material is wrapped well, once the tightening is not allowed to return the wire (back screw), or to re-winding.

7) When it is inconvenient to install the metal pad between the pipe flange of high temperature or some other area, you can use the raw material tape to help locate and install the metal pad.

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